Ramona Lisa by Chad Moore

Ramona Lisa photographed by Dustin Aksland

How old is Caroline?



scenes from Saturday’s Warm Up at MoMA PS1: Caroline Polachek of Chairlift performing as Ramona Lisa, dancing people, bubbles. More pictures here on BrooklynVegan.

© 2014 Amanda M Hatfield


The musician Caroline Polachek wears clothing by Courtshop. Photo: DAN MCMAHON


👽Ramona Lisa got it like that👽 (at Warm Up @ PS1)


Beauty Caroline Polachek of @theeramonalisa & #Chairlift in @tmagazine 💕 #courtshop #218Bedford #168Mott


Ramona Lisa, aka Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, at @MoMAPS1’s Warm Up #warmup2014 #ramonalisa #carolinepolachek #chairlift #momaps1 -ah / @robotsvsghosts by brooklynvegan http://ift.tt/1xy0Qnq



1. Nino Rota - “What Is A Youth”
2. Priscilla Paris - “Down By The River”
3. Mark Isham - “Raffles In Rio”
4. Psychic TV - “The Orchids”
5. Henry Badowski - “Swimming With The Fish In The Sea”
6. 葛生千夏 - “The City In The Sea 1”
7. Ennio Morricone - “C’era Una Volta Il West”
8. Honey LTD - “Silk And Honey”
9. Ian Drennan - “Blue Lidded”
10. Penguin Cafe Orchestra - “Zopf: Coronation”
11. Chantal Goya - “Laisse-moi”
12. Kate Bush - “Delius”
13. Jean-Louis Murat - “Cheyenne Autumn”
14. Benjamin Lew - “De L’Autre Cote Du Fleuve”
15. Crosby, Stills & Nash - “Guinnevere”
16. 小川美潮 - “Shambhaline I”
17. Handel (As Performed By Julia Lezhneva)- “Saeviat Tellus Inter Rigores”
18. Virginia Astley - “I’m Sorry”
19. Judee Sill - “Lady O”
20. Purcell (as performed by Brady Allred & Utah Singers) - “Lay A Garland”


Ramona Lisa at The Courtyard, Shoreditch, London

“[It] was actually very scary to release this record because I didn’t know what context it had in the world. And it was kind of like, OK, well, I made this thing, and if people like it, then they like it, and if people don’t then they don’t like it, but it doesn’t actually change my world at all.”

— Caroline Polachek on her debut solo album as Ramona Lisa, Arcadia (The Hairpin)